Gulf Air Virtual's Fleet Tracker For Boeing 767-300 (A4O-GH)

Aircraft General Info

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ICAO: B763
Name: B767-300
Fullname: Boeing 767-300
Registration: A4O-GH
Range: 5900
Weight: 0
Cruise: 0
Passengers: 290
Cargo: 72736

Aircraft Stats

Total Miles: 0
Total Hours: 0
Total Flights: 0
Total Cargo Carried: 0

Current Aircraft Location

There is no aircraft location yet!

Latest 15 Flights List

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Latest 15 Flights Map

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Available Flights

Flight # Departure Arrival Flight Time Flight Distance View
GFA6673 EGLL KRDU 9.25 3360.2 View Flight Schedule
GFA6674 KRDU EGLL 7.58 3360.2 View Flight Schedule
GFA6686 KORD EGLL 7.83 3429.19 View Flight Schedule
GFA6687 EGLL KORD 9.17 3429.19 View Flight Schedule
GFA6643 LFPG KORD 9.67 3602.42 View Flight Schedule
GFA6589 KMIA KDFW 3.32 974.184 View Flight Schedule
GFA6411 KMCO KMIA 1.2 167.56 View Flight Schedule

Welcome Our Latest Hires

GFA073 Areeb Siddiqui United States
GFA072 Maurizio Fadda Italy
GFA071 Takis Efthimiou Luxembourg
GFA070 Neil Warman United Kingdom
GFA069 Adeeb Ur Rehman India

Upcoming Departures

2 - GFA560 - OBBI to OOMS

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GFA001 - Leo Outlaw,